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Clay or terra cotta tiles have been used for hundreds of years and now modern ceramics technology can transform raw materials into a vast spectrum of natural terra cotta, matte, or high gloss glazed clay roof tiles. As a Boise tile roofer, we offer a wide array of sizes, textures, colors and blends, which gives you creativity and customization of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings.


There are four (4) common popular styles or patterns of concrete and clay roof tiles, These are: Mission Style ( with pans and covers); French Style (with locking tabs on the sides and top); Interlocking Shingle Style (also with locking tabs on the sides and top); and terra cotta Spanish Style (profiled like the letter “S” so each piece functions as both a pan and a cover). Associated with each style unique “fittings” for the ridges, hips, eave closures, top closures, left and right gable rakes, and end bands. Concrete roofing tiles have similar configurations and special fittings.


Mission Tile Details


Frenach Tile Datails


Interlocking Shingle


Spanish Tile Details

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